Individual and Family Therapy

Go Beyond Symptom Relief with Customized Strength-Based and Solution-Focused Therapy Programs that Support Your Entire Family System

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Serving Danville area families since 2014.

Newport Beach Family Development Center

Our brand new location in Fashion Island!

Life is too Beautiful to Waste

We all have God-given potential, an internal greatness but sometimes we allow a narrative to form in our heads about our value – our worth – that gets in the way of being able to fully embrace the opportunities around us.

At our Family Development Centers, it’s our mission to help find your strengths and identify solutions. That’s why our therapy programs are customized to the individual, couple, or family. We’re not afraid to work outside the box or color outside the lines of traditional therapy.

Our clinicians are authentic and genuinely lean in with love and empathy while also remaining professional, poised, and polished. We provide empirically validated individual and family therapy interventions and have the ability to pivot at any moment to address different or shifting needs of our clients.

Our Approach

  • We are experts in therapy. You are the expert in you & your family.
  • We will honor and empower you by entering your world through your reality and perspective.
  • We collaboratively craft treatment plans that evolve with you and your family.
  • We measure growth throughout the course of treatment.

Your Outcome

  • You will feel heard, understood, and valued for who you are.
  • You will gain support and relief as well as a diverse set of tools and coping skills tailored to your life experience.
  • You will feel confident in utilizing these tools in a variety of settings in your daily life
  • You will recognize and utilize your strengths to tell a more empowering story of your life

Resilience. Innovation. Positive Intention.


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Modern Luxury

We would like to thank you for helping and encouraging us through our many challenges over the past few years. We are very grateful for the amazing support and skills you have given to us to help bring healing to our family. Thank you for listening to our needs and really taking the time to understand our situation. Your talents will help many.